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Head of IT / CTO
Clio Online

Clio Online

I am the CTO at Clio Online.

Clio Online develops innovative digital learning materials and web applications aimed towards the primary school sector.
At Clio Online we work hard - every day - to push the envelope for digitally supported learning in the information age.

Business Angel / Investor
IT Entrepreneurship

IT Entrepreneurship

I am an entrepreneur by heart.

I work with several groups of investors and business angels to drive, facilitate and fuse IT innovation and business. My focus is solely IT innovation; new tech, old tech in a new way, or new tech in an old way. Make something new and unique - and I will be your greatest cheerleader.
For business angel or investor enquiries, please refer to the contact information below.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

The geek prevails!

Working in and with IT, naturally you will obtain a healthy dose of geek culture. My utmost geekiness is primarily centered around the British sci-fi television show Doctor Who.
I am proud to call myself a geek, and I dare you to challenge me on 1960s Doctor Who trivia.


I am an avid photographer - visit my complete portfolio at kriph.com

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